You Can Do It! Here Are the Resources You Need

Nutrition Plan - Redesign Your Image Plan is more than your typical "diet." It is a week-by-week, dynamic, systematic, realistic plan that takes the fear out of losing weight. Click on the title to find out more information.

Journey to Success - Journey to Success: Strategies to getting free from destructive eating habits is a weekly journal series which focuses on aiding readers in combating their battles with food, and breaking free from their habits through the strategies of exercise, healthy eating, and most of all, surrendering their struggles to God.  This book helps to strengthen your inner man and it teaches you how to get back up and try one more time. 

EBook - More than a Conqueror: Regaining your willpower over food.  It takes more than a Decision to change when you are dealing with longstanding, unhealthy eating habits. It takes Courage.  This book will help you to gain the courage to overcome in your eating habits. 

Retreats, seminars and workshops - Learn how you can lose the weight and keep it off.  Healthy Living With Annie seminars and workshop not only deals with eating the right kind of food and exercise in order to develop a healthy lifestyle, but they also help you to learn how to keep the weight off by recognizing and overcoming  sabotaging mindset and destructive eating patterns.  

Emotional Eating And The Holidays - Emotional Eating and the Holidays: How to avoid the triggers that lead to overeating.  Learn how you can get through the holidays without sabotaging your weight loss goals.  

Kitchen Makeover - Free Kitchen Makeover. Easy tips for a heart healthy household.   A healthy environment is so important in staying on track as you transition into your healthy lifestyle.  Download these helpful tips so you can reach your goals and maintain your goals. 

The Guide - A Travel Guide to Better Health.   Traveling is a challenge to any healthy lifestyle.  This guide will help you to make sound food choices when you are traveling.    

Whole Food Nutrition - Juice Plus provides nutrition from 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains in convenient and inexpensive capsule form.  Experts tells us that we need at least 5-9 pieces of fruits and vegetables daily in order to maintain healthy cells in our body.  If you know that, in spite of all your efforts, you are not reaching this goal, then I recommend Juice Plus as a bridge between what you are doing and what you should be doing.  My family and I have been taking this whole food nutrient 5+ years now.  I thank God for bring it into my life.  It was an answer to prayer.  I knew I needed something and I knew I wanted something natural and Juice Plus was my answer.  It feels good to feel well.  So many people wake up every day feeling sick, not me.  When I take Juice Plus, I know I’m doing something good for my body.  Thanks Juice Plus and Thank you God for answering my prayers.

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