Bundle of 3

Bundle of 3


How To Recognize When You Are Winning, How To Recognize A Danger Zone and How To Recognize When God Is Talking To You will teach you how to overcome life-controlling issues, and hear His voice guiding you to your purpose.


    How To Recognize When You Are Winning: recognize your progress, even small successes as a reason to celebrate and to encourage yourself on your journey.

    How To Recognize A Danger Zone: tips to help you to recognize and understand certain behaviors, emotional traps and mindsets and what you can do to overcome them.

    How To Recognize When God Is Talking To You: recognize God’s voice, an inner witness or just a knowing that God is talking to you, trying to redirect you back to your goals.

    These booklets are part of my Redesign Your Image Plan that is also available at the store. You can acquire the booklets separately according to your needs at each phase of your healing journey.

    I encourage you to be in prayer so you can choose the best option for yourself. Each booklet will help you to grow spiritually and give practicable ways for you to develop an action plan without feeling overwhelmed.