Bundle of 2

Bundle of 2


Creating A Healthy Environment and Developing New Habits will guide you through your successful wellness journey, make the right choices and break destructive habits.


    Creating A Healthy Environment: This booklet has tips that will help you be successful in your lifestyle changes. It will help to take the stress out of trying to make the right choices as you create your healthy lifestyle.

    Developing New Habits: Find tips to help you achieve success and to turn your long standing struggles into victory. Get eye opening tips on the crucial role of the brain as it relates to breaking old habits and developing new ones.

    These booklets are part of my Redesign Your Image Plan that is also available at the store. You can acquire the booklets separately according to your needs at each phase of your healing journey.

    I encourage you to be in prayer so you can choose the best option for yourself. Each booklet will help you to grow spiritually and give practicable ways for you to develop an action plan without feeling overwhelmed.