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Eating out doesn't have to mean pigging out. That’s what I whispered to myself during my gym workout as I was contemplating eating breakfast out this morning. Eating out is always a challenge but the challenge is easier to handle when you have a made up mind as it relates to the borders that you have established for yourself as you travel your health and wellness journey.

My gym was right down the street from this restaurant that I have passed by many times but never took the time to check it out. I always intended to but never did until today. Why today? I just wanted to do something different. You know. Change up the morning routine. So today was perfect. No snow. Temperature in the mid-30s. Heat wave in February for the Chicago area right? We’ll take anything above 20 degrees as a heat wave! At least that’s my little joke. After my workout, I finally stopped by Poor Phil’s for breakfast (139 S. Marion, Oak Park, IL.) Upon entering the restaurant, I got “Grab a seat anywhere.” My kind of place! Friendly service. Great atmosphere. It was quaint, cozy. Just cute. Perfect place for a quiet conversation or just to be alone with your thoughts.

They serve breakfast until 3 p.m. This was morning time for me so I’m not sure what the atmosphere is like later in the day but it was perfect for my morning breakfast! After I ordered my food I whispered a quiet prayer: Please don’t let it be too much salt. I quietly repeated the prayer: Please don’t let it be too much salt. I so wanted to enjoy this meal and too much salt and too much oil would have been so disappointing. To my surprise everything was unsalted and not greasy which was perfect for me! Apparently they give you the option of adding your own salt and pepper or maybe my prayers were simply answered. I didn’t ask the waiter if this was their standard, not adding salt, I was just happy that I could enjoy the meal!

Everything was fresh and tasty, but most importantly, not salty and not greasy! Very enjoyable meal. As you can see I ordered the scrambled eggs that came with spinach, a nice thick slice of tomato (which I cut up), and whole grain toast. It was a very nice twist on a vegetable omelet. If you’re in the Oak Park area you might want to check them out. If you go for lunch or dinner please share your experience. I’ve only had the breakfast experience so I’m curious about the atmosphere later on in the day. Perhaps I’ll go back again during lunch or dinner to check out the vibe. Until next time.

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