Happy late Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

My children and I traveled to Baton Rouge, La. for Thanksgiving to spend time with my family. We flew into New Orleans and spent a few days there. We had a great time. My daughter and her husband was able to attend the Bayou Classics on Saturday so they got to visit New Orleans again. We had a great holiday and I trust that you and your family did as well.

During our stay in New Orleans we dined at a restaurant, Dooky Chase, that has gotten some national reviews and, of course, we had to check it out.

The front entrance wall was lined with photos of the rich and famous who have dined here.

{ Former President Barack Obama in case you didn't recognize him in the photo}

The food was traditional southern style and delicious!

The atmosphere was great. Give me atmosphere any time in a restaurant and you’ve got me. I’m always telling my children that atmosphere is everything! Now they say, probably while rolling their eyes, “We know, mama. Atmosphere!” The wait staff was very nice, pleasant, and courteous. They earned their tip.

My family and I decided not to order from the buffet to prevent the temptation of over doing it. We opted to order from the menu.

Trying to avoid the calories from the fried chicken, I ordered the stewed chicken.

I was a little bit disappointed when they bought out my dish because it came with gravy. I try to avoid gravies and sauces as much as possible. I was not disappointed in the flavor of the dish. It was delicious. Chicken was so tender it was falling off the bones. They delivered on taste! Had I known it came with gravy I would have ordered the gravy as a side. But again, the meal was delicious. No I did not send it back. I simply moved the gravy aside and portioned off the amount of white rice that I allowed myself to eat. I also ordered a side of stewed okra and tomatoes (delicious by the way) so I could get in some greens. I didn’t want my dish to consist only of chicken and a large portion of white rice. By adding the stewed okra and tomatoes, it helped me eat less of the rice. Two big pluses for me was that I did not have a salt attack and the food was not greasy. The seasonings were perfectly blended and not overdone. Don’t you hate it when you get a meal and it’s swimming in grease and loaded with salt? Not here. They got it right.

I made sure I incorporated daily exercise during my travel which was not hard to do with the temperature being in the 70’s most of the time. I made sure I got on this walking trail just about every day and walked at least 3 miles each time! I was determined to stay on my health and wellness journey.