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The Health of the Soul: Can your Feelings or Emotions Affect your Decisions?

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Feelings and emotions are sometimes used interchangeably, but psychologists says that there is a difference. Feelings are thought to be conscious and emotions derived from the subconscious. Feelings are said to define the emotions that we are experiencing. For example, if we’re having a particular emotion (from the subconscious), feelings are assigned to those emotions. Kind of like giving voice to those emotions, but for the sake of this blog, and to keep things simple, we will just say feelings and emotions are the same. Feelings or emotions can be fickle and if not sorted out, will cause you to make decisions or choices based on those feelings and this can have negative consequences. Especially if those feelings or emotions are based on a faulty premise or foundation. It’s seeking out and knowing the truth that will make you free. (John 8:32 KJV)

I remember vividly a life lesson. A few years ago a gentleman asked me to participate in a project that he was involved in. In fear, I said no. I made a decision based on fearful emotions and there’s a myriad of reasons why my emotions were based on a fearful foundation (that’s another story entirely) BUT, my decision was based on a faulty premise, which lead me to make a decision based on lies instead of courage and facts. Shortly after that, the Holy Spirit dealt with me about it and brought this scripture to me from Prov. 25:2 which says:

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter (KJV).

I really didn’t know that that scripture was in the bible, so I googled it. There it was in plain sight. He (the Holy Spirit is a person), was telling me it was ok to say no, but my no should have been based on courage and facts, not fear. So yes, your feelings or emotions can definitely influence your decisions or the choices you make.

You have to be able to identity and work through feelings or emotions that can come from out of nowhere and begin to take you off course or away from your goals. They are called sabotagers. Sabotage means to damage, destroy, or disrupt. Another definition is any undermining of a cause, plan, or efforts. I heard someone say once, never make a permanent decision out of temporary pain. Whereas I say, never say never, I think that what this is saying is, you really have to sort through your emotions. Perhaps, wait for a while if you can, before making a permanent decision regarding what you are going through or feeling. On the other hand, feelings or emotions can be indicators that something else is going on that need to be investigated a little further before you make a decision or act on those feelings or emotions. So you're not ignoring those emotions, you're just not letting them rule you. You step back and do some self-assessment so you can make a better choice.

If you find yourself making decisions based on feelings or emotions (especially if those feelings or emotions don’t take you towards your goals), I encourage you to stop and evaluate those feelings and weigh them against some truth so that you can make better choices. Sometimes you have to give yourself permission to think differently about the situation so that you can make a better choice. I have a nugget in my eBook, More Than a Conqueror that encourages you to not be led by your emotions, but to make choices instead. But in order to do this, you have to be willing to sort through your feelings or emotions so that you can make better choices. Self-assessment can be difficult, but I’ve found that it is necessary in order to develop healthy habits based on sound choices or based on the truth.

I pray that you have much success as you sort out your feelings or emotions on a daily basis as it comes to developing a healthy lifestyle, be it spiritual or physical. If you need help in this area, I recommend my booklet, Reflection. It will give you direction in sorting out your feelings or emotions and help you get to a stronger place where you will learn how to confront negative feelings or emotions so that you can make healthy decisions.

Helping you to discard your past so you can embrace your future,


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