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The Difference between Health and Wellness

As I was looking over some notes today, I began to ponder this whole concept of health and wellness. I began to ask myself some questions to make sure that my understanding was accurate and that I fully understood, in my mind, what health and wellness meant to me and how did I define it. Health, to me, is really another word for wholeness in that it focus on, not only the physical health, but how a person is, yes, physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and socially. So you can see why I say health is really another word for wholeness. It looks at how one is doing overall but at the same time if you wanted to break it down a bit further, health looks at “diseases, genetics, and illness, or lack of diseases.”

Wellness on the other hand, has been defined as a “living lifestyle” (better choices, walking in integrity, am I keeping my word to myself which will help me to achieve my full potential? Wellness unfolds as I do life. It’s a regular checking in with myself to make sure I'm headed in the right direction.

Wellness allows me to get to the root of the problem or issue. It helps me to ask some tough questions honestly and openingly, and it enables me to identify my triggers or sabotagers before I act on them so they don’t take me off course. Wellness involves preempting a strike so to speak. It helps me to anticipate, survey the scenarios and implement the best plan or make the best choice that will take me towards my goals.

It focuses on the whole being. Looking at whether or not there is a healthy interpretation of all incoming data, and that there is a proper alignment between spirit, soul and body (1 Thess. 5:23). It involves me taking a look to see if they are in agreement, if not, there could be dis-ease. An internal war. I might feel torn in different directions. If my spirit says one thing, my body says another, and my soul sits in the middle, how will my soul interpret what’s being communicated? From whom will it take its cues? Wellness as a living lifestyle helps me to look at all areas of my life: The good, the bad, and the ugly and helps me to sort through how it impacts my life.

Wellness as a living lifestyle helps me to look at the why. Why do I think what I think? Why do I react to situations a certain way? Why are my thought patterns the way they are? Why do I make the choices that I make? Or what is the driving force or motivation behind my choices? Why did I choose that path as oppose to another way? Why are my goals so elusive? Wellness asks: Why? Why? Why? It helps me to look at my life critically and objectively and pushes me to make those tough calls.

Wellness as a living lifestyle, affords me the opportunity to make some adjustments if I don’t like what I see in my life.

I would love to hear your thoughts or comments. I would love to hear your story so I can share it to inspire others!

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