Safety In His Presence Revisited

On March 15th I sent out a blog entitled Safety in His Presence and I spoke about how Psalms 91 was a reality in my life. I spoke about how Psalms 91 has been true in my life time after time and has not let me down. I told you that story because I wanted to encourage you that there is someone bigger than the Coronavirus. I wanted to give you hope in the midst of the storm. What I didn’t share was a significant event that took place in my life in reference to this particular Psalm. I want to share it now because I want you to know that there is a reality in having a relationship with Jesus Christ.

This Psalm was such a reality in my life that I prayed it over my children almost every day throughout their school years starting from preschool throughout high school. Before they went out the front door, we would hold hands and I would verbally pray a portion of this Psalms: No evil shall befall you and no harm shall come near your dwelling because you have made the Lord, the Most High your refuge. They were too young to have faith so I covered them with my faith in God’s word. There were other scriptures that I prayed over them but Ps. 91 was the key one. Again, I’m telling you this story because I want you to see the reality in God’s Word and this reality is based out of a relationship with His Son Jesus Christ. I debated over whether I wanted people to know this much about me and also, I didn’t want the ridicule from those who might not get it but I decided that this is the time to step out and let people know the reality of God and His Word. I want to take this time to give you a glimpse into the reality of Christ. If ever we needed to seek the Lord, is now right now. I heard my Pastor say, this is the time to get to know God and what His Kingdom is all about.

While coming back from a summer trip many years ago, my family and I were walking through the airport headed to the baggage claim area. My oldest daughter walked way ahead of the rest of the family. As I was walking with the other family members, I got this alarm in my spirit and I sensed that the Holy Spirit was telling me to look up, as a matter of fact, at the moment of the alarm sounding in my spirit, it’s like my head popped up and I looked in the direction of my oldest daughter. I began to see this event unfold before my very eyes. I didn’t panic because I sensed God’s presence. I saw this man approaching my daughter in a long, over sized ankle length coat which was funny (not ha ha funny, but odd funny) because it was summer and hot. As he got very close to her, he reached into his pocket and what I saw was something silver and it appeared to be a handle. I could only guess that it was a knife or something sharp. Now that it’s over and I’ve had time to digest it, I’m pretty sure that this scenario is accurate: That he was going to approach her and put that object sharply into a part of her body, perhaps her side, in a way that would have threaten her so badly that she would have been too afraid to cry out and he would have walked out of the airport with her. I stayed calm because I trusted God and I trusted His word. As a matter of fact, the reason I prayed His word is because I accepted the reality of it a long time ago, and I trusted my life and my children’s life to that word. I calmly called her name, not in an alarming manner, but to get her attention. She turned around and said, “Yea mom.” The man was caught off guard. His surprise attack was up. He made a beeline in another direction as fast as he could. I didn’t say anything to my husband about the situation until we got down to the baggage claim area. I didn’t say anything to my children until we got home. I didn’t call the police or alert the airport security people because that’s not how God directed me. The Holy Spirit led me to pray a particular prayer concerning this man and I did. I apologize but I won’t share the contents of the prayer. Was I concerned that this man would harm other people if I didn’t report it? Yes, but then I remembered the prayer that I felt in my spirit to pray and I rested in that knowing that God would take care of it.

I told you this story because I wanted to let you know that there is a reality in God’s word and that it will manifest in your life out of your relationship with His son Jesus Christ, and because you believe. I prayed those words over my children for years when they were in school, and that day, God showed me in no uncertain terms, I’m with you and my word works and I’m real and my word is real. The bible says that God watches over His word (the word spoken in faith) to see that it is fulfilled. When He hears it He hasten to perform it (Jeremiah 1:12). He had heard those words for years because they were prayed for years, in faith, and that day,He performed them. When my kids were not in my presence, like off to school, I had to trust more than the teachers and other school staff to keep them safe. I put my trust in the one who has proven himself worthy! I was a serious mother. !

What is the point I’m trying to make? That God is real. That His words are real and when you make Him personal, and make Him Lord of your life, and you make His word personal, and you believe it and trust it, it makes all the difference in the world. And yet, having said that, the bible tells us that God chose us, that we didn’t choose Him (John 15:16) so I can’t take credit for “My great faith.” Faith is a gift and He gave it to me so I really have nothing to brag about except to thank God for His loving kindness and tender mercy. Again, I want to let you know that He’s real, and because He’s real, we don’t have to live in fear. I encourage you to get to know this God as I have. He will make all the difference in your life. I didn’t say you won’t have problems, but you will be made stronger in dealing with them and you will have an advocate who will help you, especially with the unknowns of life (1 John 1:21, John 14:16).

His word works for me and God is no respecter of persons. His word will work for you as well as you go through these trying times, if only you would believe, and trust Him and take time to carve out a relationship with Him. Not just so you can be spared hardships, but because you truly want to get to know Him and it all starts with prayer and reading His word. Out of that relationship will come everything you will need as you make Him number one in your life. .

I didn’t pray Ps. 91 because I believed it only. I prayed it because I knew I could trust it. I had a history (relationship) with Jesus Christ from a very young age. You can develop that relationship as well. It’s never too late. I trusted that God would do what He said He would do and that’s another level of faith and that’s the faith I stand on in this hour. “God, you said it and God you will do it.”

So that’s why I sent Ps. 91. I just wanted to encourage you that you are protected. Lay hold on that promise and ask God to help you to believe and to walk it out so that you’re not living in fear. If you die, you die in Christ, but if you live you live for Christ! Either way you win! Continue to wear your PPE when you’re out, I do now especially since they have made it mandatory but I still trust God’s word and it relieves all fear.

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