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Our Little Promise Land (A wholefood approach to life)

Who knew…certainly not back then? It was called survival. It was called living off the land and we certainly didn’t go hungry! I mean our needs were met in abundance! I certainly didn’t see it entirely as God’s provision, but, now, much later in life I see it as just that. The God who provided and provides. One of the characteristics and one of the names of God is that He is called Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides. I love this!

I grew up on a farm in the south. We had more than enough and that more than enough came mostly from off the land. My family owned, and still does, a farm and we grew or made much of what we ate. We planted everything from corn which we made our very own cornmeal to having cows where we made our own butter. We even planted sorghum and sugar cane and processed our own syrup! That’s a sweet (no pun intended) childhood memory and I still remember it fondly to this day. A day with my father, some of my siblings, a few elders from the community just sitting around the syrup mill grinding, pressing the juices out of the sugar cane or sorghum and waiting patiently all day as the juices cooked slowly and eventually turned to syrup. Talking about natural nutrients! Sad to say though, by the time I came along, some of the self-production had ceased as my father was getting older. In addition, my siblings were growing up and leaving home so he didn’t need to produce as much. Why am I sharing this? I find that later in life, I’m going back to basics. I’m going back to my healthy nutritional roots, although, let’s face it, growing up in the south had its share of food challenges and unfortunately, still does. But we won’t talk about that at this time! Let’s stay positive!

Our farm had a variety of fruit trees like pears, figs, peaches, plums, persimmons, and muscadine which are kind of like grapes, at least in size and shape. We also had blackberries, raspberries and blueberries—everywhere! And I can’t forget the walnut trees. We even had access to pecan trees (from another farm). It’s so nice to stroll down memory lane! We didn’t lack either for pasture raised chicken, turkeys, goats, eggs, beef and yes, pork! Lord knows I have eaten my share of pastured raised pork! For health reasons now, I don’t do the pork thing (except for maybe the 4th of July and then limited amount!) and very little beef. It’s a personal thing, but back in the day…..there were plenty. Yes, our little promise land!

If you remember the promise land in the bible, in the old testament, the children of Israel were delivered from slavery in Egypt and given their own promise land….the promise God made to their father Abraham that He would bless his seed. The children of Israel were Abraham’s seed (now we’re Abraham’s seed by faith. We were grafted in through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for those who believe! It's a long story so you have to read the bible to fully understand), but, God kept His promise. He took them to this land that was flowing with milk and honey. It had grapes so large that it took two people to carry just one branch. Everything they needed was provided for them on that land! Hence, my little promise land!

That’s how I feel about the farm I grew up on. Our little promise land. We were provided for! Little did I know at the time that we were in the midst of a wholefood environment! You live and you learn. Well these days I find that I’m getting back to my roots: My little old promise land provisions and moving more and more towards mostly a plant based diet. Lord knows I wish it wasn’t so expensive…I’ll never forget the first time I bought figs from the store after moving to the city, I almost fainted! I couldn’t believe the price! I mean coming from going outside and plucking them from a tree…come on! Talking about liking free $99….

So back to why I’m making some changes in my dietary plans. I find that I maintain my weight better these days by incorporating more of a plant base diet. When I do eat meat, and yes, I still eat meat! I try to purchase pasture raise. I would love to hear from you about your challenges and how you are solving them. I would love to share your story to inspire others.

Helping you to discard your past so you can embrace your future,


I would love to hear your story so I can share it to inspire others!

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