My Rescue Story

There’s this Christian radio station that plays really nice, soothing, encouraging music. You may have heard of it. It’s called K-Love ( I keep my car radio on this station 24/7 because I love to hear the encouraging songs as I’m driving around doing errands. Somehow this radio station just knows the right song to play and, of course, I know that behind the scenes it’s really God who is orchestrating it all (He just knows the right time to show up!) They play this particular song called my rescue story and it really speaks to me because it’s my story. The song goes something like this:

You are my rescue story

You took me from darkness to light

You never give up on me

I think it’s called the hook in the music industry, but anyway, it works for me. Just hearing that “hook” over and over again makes me so grateful that God chose to help me (John 15:16, James 1:18). I share my rescue story in my E-Book, More Than A Conqueror: Regaining your willpower over food. When the Holy Spirit began to deal with me about my destructive eating habits and what held my affections, I had no clue about healthy eating. I kid you not! You would think that as a nurse I would have had a working knowledge about health and wellness but I did not. I was clueless. My knowledge about achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle was extremely limited. Healthy eating nor a healthy lifestyle was on my radar! If it was, the radar was broken!

The medical system I came up under was really a medical model. It taught us health care professionals to treat the symptoms of a disease. We were not taught to focus on the root cause. The mindset was that this is something you just live with and just treat the symptoms. When the patients were discharged from the hospital to home, their patient-teaching consisted mostly of what the medication was for or more to the point, which symptoms it was treating, when and how to take the medication and basically what side effects to look out for and report to the doctor. I’m not trying to pass blame, but I’m trying to paint a picture of my mindset and why I needed to be rescued and why I have a rescue story!

I know that not everyone is on the same page as I am spiritually and might be offended that I talk about God so much, but I honestly can’t tell my rescue story without telling about Him because He is my rescuer! Had it not been for God’s love reaching out to me in the person of the Holy Spirit, I would probably be dead by now. The reason I say that is because, since 2010, I have lost seven siblings (5 brothers and 2 sisters) from lifestyle complications (I call it the curse of the south). Sorry to the south but I can say that without malice because it’s where I was born and bred. I love ya’ll.

Health and wellness is no joke to me. Nor is being blind about which path leads to good health and which path leads to chronic disease. It’s a reality. One that I must choose to walk in every day that I wake up. It’s a no brainer for me. Eating those nuts, 100% whole grains, fruits and vegetables, healthier oils, lean protein, limited dairy, low salt, little to no sugar, portion control is a requirement for me. How about you? What is your rescue story or do you see yourself in this blog as one who need to be rescued? If so, write me and tell me about it. I also invite you to avail yourselves to the resources on my website (see the link below) and begin your rescue journey.

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