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My Little Winter Secret

Dandy Blend and Cacao Recipe

Here's an image of the Dandy Blend Herbal Tea if you're not familiar with it.

In a prior Healthy Living With Annie Food Institute food demonstration, I promised to share a recipe for one of my favorite hot drinks. I call it my little winter secret but really its delicious all year round. The recipe is quite simple:

Add one teaspoon of dandy blend tea and one teaspoon of raw organic cacao to a cup. Add in milk. I would suggest about ¼ cup of milk just so you can have it nice and creamy, more if you like, and add hot water to fill the cup. Add your sweetener. Stir and enjoy sipping while you read your favorite book or watching your favorite T.V. program.

Tip #1: I usually put my milk in the cup, add the dandy blend tea and cacao, put in it in the microwave for about 30-40 seconds to take the chill off of the milk and then add the hot water. This way the coolness of the milk doesn’t cool down the hot water as you don’t want your beverage lukewarm. If you don't use the microwave, just add it to a pot and heat it stove top if you don't mind the added step.

Tip#2: I use nut milk primarily instead of cow’s milk but it’s your choice. I’m reducing my dairy intake to help reduce inflammation in my body as dairy can do that. The cow’s milk gives it a fuller body or richness thought so it depends on your state of health as to what you choose to use.

Tip#3: I was rereading this book called Get the Sugar Out and I took their suggestion to use cinnamon and vanilla or nutmeg and vanilla as a sweetener. This doesn’t work with everything but I find that it is really good with this recipe. If I want a little more sweetener without using refined sugar, I simply add a few drops of honey and this usually does the trick!

Tip#4: I usually order my dandy blend online from Amazon. I like to get the organic brand. You can pick up organic raw cacao from most whole food stores like Wholefoods Market and Trader Joes. The price at Trader Joes is much better than Wholefoods Market. I try to buy the one with the Fair Trade seal as it is supposed to promote equity among the workers, producers, etc.

Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. Bon Appetit!

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