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If you want to know how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, check out this video from Healthy Living With Annie Food Institute: Learning basic skills for healthy eating.

Also, read my Did You Know article, it’s an eye opener on the importance of knowing and dealing with your family health history. I wrote the article back in February but didn’t publish it but want to share it now.

To all fathers: Happy Father’s Day! I want to encourage you to apply the information in this blog so that you can live long and be a major influence in the lives of your children!

Did You Know?

Did you know that February is national heart month where awareness is given to the devastating effects of heart disease, particular in women and particular in people of color? A few weeks ago I responded to a promo from the American Heart Association who asked participants to share stories on how heart disease has affected them or someone they love. I shared my story as I had recently loss my youngest sibling from what appeared to be heart disease. She was only 59. In sharing my story, it was healing for me, as well as a sharp stare at my family’s healthy history and it made me sad for many reasons. One reason in particular stood out because it made be keenly aware that my family health history was a family tragedy. As I outlined my family’s health challenges in my response to the American Heart Association, I spoke softly to myself, “This is a tragedy and should never be experienced in any family.”

You see, I’ve lost 4 siblings in recent years related to heart disease, and to be honest, they all had some of the classic risk factors: History of heart disease on my mother’s side, Obesity, diabetes, lifestyle choices in terms of being a heavy smoker, sedentary lifestyle, and an unhealthy diet from what I call the curse of the south. I can say this without malice but tender, loving care to those who live in the south, so please, don’t throw stones at me. I apologize in advance to my southern family and friends and others, but that’s what I call it: The curse of the south in terms of eating choices and food preparation choices. Sadly to say, most, still eat and cook the way we learned from our fore parents and some of us have not had the foresight to transform from destructive eating habits to healthier choices.

The intent of this article is not to bring anyone down or to make you feel bad if you’re not in a good place in your health or lifestyle choices. I simply want to ruffle a few feathers so that you are awaken to how important it is to identify your risk factors, and the first part of that is paying close attention to your family history. Not just who begat who, but what chronic diseases rears its ugly head in your family generations after generations. These are the facts that you need to not ignore and these are the facts that you need to discuss with your health care provider so that you can improve your well-being. You don’t have to die early because “It runs in the family,” or because of lifestyle choices and you don’t have to live with chronic illness when it’s within your grasp to make the changes.

There is an old song in the Christian Church, “Had it not been for God on my side where would I be?” The Holy Spirit began to deal with me years ago about my eating habits. Had I not responded to His love, I too would be a statistic right now. I’m sure of it. That’s why I’m not ashamed to sing His praises. In spite of what others says, Jesus is real and the bible is relevant! It was not about food but about freedom! Freedom from agitating passions that want to keep you trapped in your past. Freedom from generational diseases and freedom to make right choices. This goes to all areas where there are life controlling issues, not just about food!

I want to encourage you to make every effort in 2019, beginning with the present moment, to honker down, get real, face your family medical history, and begin to make plans to embrace a lifestyle that can literally add years to your life or significantly improve the quality of your life.


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