Generational Shift

In May I posted a food demonstration from healthy living with Annie Food Institute: Learning basic skills for healthy eating. It’s called generational shift. In the last five minutes or so, I talked about how the Holy Spirit helped me to make what I call an intentional generational shift in my eating habits so good things could be passed down to my children’s children. I did so at the urging of the Holy Spirit. It was a difficult journey but a necessary one. After I got on board with what the Lord was leading me to do, and after struggling for years to get it right, I made the switch. Am I prefect? No. Am I where I used to me? No! I’m so much better because I’m so much wiser, stronger, and yes, the Holy Spirit is still with me helping me to work it out. I had to come to terms with my identify in Christ and I had to learn how to navigate my soul realm: My will, my emotions, my intellect and imagination and the role it played in my success or my failure. I had to learn how to say no to my flesh and surrender my will to God's will for my life.

I knew I had to make the change because I knew that my positive family history for cardiovascular disease would plague me and my family for generations unless I made the shift. I also knew that this was an area of my life that God was not pleased with because it placed Him second in my life and God will never be satisfied with second place in our lives! Also, I had to change because God needed me to grow up and mature in that areas of my life. He’s a God of wisdom and He was pleading with me to walk in wisdom. The bible says that wisdom is known of its children (Luke 7:35). If y