Forces Within


Did you know that there are actually forces within each of us that can make us or break us? That can move you forward or keep you stuck in a rut? Did you know that this could be the year that you actually moved forward on your health and wellness journey, realizing that it is not about food but about obedience and freedom? Freedom to choose the things of God. Freedom to walk in your purpose?

God spoke to Moses in the Old Testament of the bible, Deut. Chapter 2, telling him that it was time that the children of Israel moved forward to the promise land. They were stuck in a rut, mumbling and grumbling and circling this one hillside for 40 years instead of obeying God and moving to the Promised Land. Well, God told Moses, tell my people it’s time to move forward, to “turn north.” In other words, it’s time to get going for real on your journey, leaving behind those habits and mindsets that have kept you wandering in the same space for many years. I encourage you to "turn north." Deal with those sabotaging forces within and develop habits that will enable you to reach your destination or your goals!

If you need help with dealing with the forces within, follow my YouTube bible teachings on Put On the New Nature. They are life changing and will help you to navigate the forces within. Also check out the food demonstration, it has helpful tips as well as a delicious recipe.

Helping you to discard your past so you can embrace your future,


Changing Mindsets, Changing Lives

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