Focus on the Positive

Here are some tips that will help you to focus on the positive during this time.

Why not take this time to really get your healthy eating habits down pact because you don’t have the temptation of eating out. Restaurants are closed for sit down eating because of the health crisis, so take advantage of that. Instead of getting your food from the drive-thru or curb side order and go, or using the food delivery services, why not work out that healthy eating plan that you have been trying to get to. This would be a good time to involve the entire family. My daughter and I are taking the time to make those healthy recipes that we didn’t have the time to do in the past, and you know what? Its working out and its fun!

Reconnect With Family. I’m grateful for my family and realize that I shouldn’t take them for granted. I’m just appreciating my family and grateful that we have each other to lean on and to encourage each other and to keep each other entertained. We’re making those phone calls to other family members to check on them. Just to say I. Translated, you’re important to me, I love you. You would be amazed how family appreciate the fact that you thought of them especially older family members.

Look out for your neighbors. When the shelter in place order came about, I called an elderly neighbor just to check on her to make sure she was ok. It only took a few minutes of my time and it felt good to think of others and not just my own well-being. I encourage you to check on your neighbors, especially the older ones to make sure they’re ok. You will be amazed how it will brighten up your own day.

Give a financial blessing to someone you know are in need during this time. It can be someone on your block, a family member or friend, even someone that's hard to love. The word of God tells us to love the unlovable. What an opportunity to show the love of Christ. This act of kindness speaks volumes. The word of God tells us that it is better to give than to receive (Acts 20:35) because in the Kingdom of God, when you give, it will come back to you, “…good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over…. (Luke 6:38)! So, yes! Give! Not to get, but because it’s the right thing to do and since giving is a Kingdom principle, it works in the reverse.

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