Care of the Soul: Practical tips on how I care for my soul

I thought I would share some tips on how I care for my soul, and hopefully these tips will help you as well.

1. I take some time to self-assess. I do a regular checking in with myself and ask those hard questions that are important to my wellbeing. In my Reflection booklet, there’s a segment that ask the reader to answer the question: How did I get here? That’s an important question for me to sort through and answer because it will reveal hidden or secrets thoughts, emotions, feelings, patterns, appetites, or actions that have led me to the very place that I find myself in. If you've read some of my blogs you are probably familiar with the phrase, “Your success lies in your daily habits.” It’s those daily habits that I have to check in on because they will either make or break me in terms of my health and wellness journey. My health and wellness journey is more than about food. It’s more than about weight loss or eating healthy. I have to look at the bigger picture which is about removing hindrances and distractions from my life that are not productive for me or, are not good for my spiritual growth or maturity. So I find that I have to check in on that on a daily basis to make sure my walk with God is intact first. If that’s intact, then my choices or decisions are healthier.