Annie's Top 3 Success Strategies for Developing a Healthy Lifestyle (1 in a series of 3)

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

To get you started from a position of strength this year, I thought I would share what I believe to be key strategies that are important to your success. This is the first in a series of three so stay tuned for the next 2. I trust that they will help you as much as they helped me. If you want more strategies, they are available in my books More Than A Conqueror: Regaining your willpower over food and Journey to Success: Strategies to getting free from destructive eating habits. Both are available on my website including other helpful resources.

I. Write your vision

If you are trying to lose weight, it’s important to get a vision for how you want to look, how you like to feel, how you like to dress, and how you want others to see you, and subsequently treat you. See yourself looking that way. Habakkuk 2:2 talks about “writing the vision on tablets and making it plain.” I encourage you to write a vision for your life. If you’re already written one, perhaps this is the time to revisit it and update as necessary because you want to be clear on what you want to accomplish. Your vision will drive your choices. We all want to make better choices than we did last year. This would be a good time to let go of goals and habits that are no longer relevant or productive at this time in your life. Seasons change. Life happens. What was important five years ago, or even last year, might not be as important anymore so take this time to reflect and prioritize.

It’s important to include your weight loss goals or healthy lifestyle goals in your vision. Be it spiritual where you commit to seeking God more, or soul realm (where you commit to making better, mature choices), and body, be it losing weight or other health concerns that you need to make a priority.

Be specific and make your goals achievable. Nothing happens overnight and you can’t lose all the weight in 3-4 exercise regimens. Don’t make your goals so outlandish that it’s impossible for you to accomplish them. This lends to discouragement and will cause you to want to quit. For example, when you write down how much weight you want to lose, also write down how many pounds, realistically, that you want to lose per week or per month and details of how you plan on accomplishing this. 1-2 pounds per week is usually what’s suggested. But of course, you’ll want to check with your health care provider, especially if you’re having health challenges, as the best course of action.

Make sure your goals are measurable which means you should have a way of tracking your results. Like having a consistent day for weighing yourself if one of your goals are to lose weight. You might want to track your calories. There are tons of apps available that you can use to track your calories and your exercise. I use fitness pal to track my calories and MapMyWalk to track my exercise. Just a caution, it's best not to be so consumed with counting calories that you miss the bigger picture which is, you should focus on foods that are whole and not processed. Incorporate foods that are nutrient dense which means that fast foods and processed foods are not good options! Focus instead on whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, good oils, and dairy in limited amounts.

Be patient with yourself. The book of Habakkuk goes on to say, “Even though the vision might tarry, be delayed, wait on it (work towards it, be consistent and stay positive, even when your weight goes up when you thought it should be going down-there might be habits that you need to address that caused this to happen), and it will surely come.” If you need to learn how to have staying power as you seek to develop new habits, there’s information on my website that can help you in this area (

Have a timeline. If you don’t set a timeline, you might forever try to reach your goals with no endpoint. At some point, you do want to accomplish your goals! It’s OK if you have to adjust your timeline but make sure you address all issues that prevented you from reaching your first timeline so you don’t repeat them and you don’t get stuck in a nonproductive cycle (Deut. 2:3).

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