Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

Mothers Are Kingdom Builders!

If you are a mom this Blog is for you! Happy Mother's day! May 12 is your day! Enjoy it!

When my son was in elementary school. He's all grown up now! I was painting his room and creating an accent wall and really feeling good about what I was creating, the Holy Spirit whispered to me and said, “You’re a kingdom builder.” Wow! I was just painting a room! But God in his infinite wisdom, knew that the care, love and tenderness of the project spoke of more than decorating a room. Something deeper was being transmitted. Love was being transmitted. “You’re important to me, son” was being transmitted. “You’re worth it, son” was being transmitted.

Mothers/wives are responsible for the environment of their home-another nugget the Holy Spirit whispered to me, simply because I needed to hear it; because, shall I say, I was kind of acting ugly and needed correction. I accepted the correction and changed the bad attitude! The bible says it’s better for a man to live on the rooftop than to live in the house with a bitter, nagging wife! (Pro. 21:9) And it also tells fathers (parents) not to provoke their children but to raise them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. (Eph, 6:4) Yes, mothers are Kingdom Builders!

Mothers are great influencers in the lives of their children! That’s an exciting challenge but also a sober challenge because it comes with great responsibility. Responsibility to shape and mold our children into the image and likeness of God; to train them up so that they love the things of God and are Kingdom minded, not earthly minded—that’s a legacy right there!