Happy Mother's Day!!!!!

Mothers Are Kingdom Builders!

If you are a mom this Blog is for you! Happy Mother's day! May 12 is your day! Enjoy it!

When my son was in elementary school. He's all grown up now! I was painting his room and creating an accent wall and really feeling good about what I was creating, the Holy Spirit whispered to me and said, “You’re a kingdom builder.” Wow! I was just painting a room! But God in his infinite wisdom, knew that the care, love and tenderness of the project spoke of more than decorating a room. Something deeper was being transmitted. Love was being transmitted. “You’re important to me, son” was being transmitted. “You’re worth it, son” was being transmitted.

Mothers/wives are responsible for the environment of their home-another nugget the Holy Spirit whispered to me, simply because I needed to hear it; because, shall I say, I was kind of acting ugly and needed correction. I accepted the correction and changed the bad attitude! The bible says it’s better for a man to live on the rooftop than to live in the house with a bitter, nagging wife! (Pro. 21:9) And it also tells fathers (parents) not to provoke their children but to raise them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. (Eph, 6:4) Yes, mothers are Kingdom Builders!

Mothers are great influencers in the lives of their children! That’s an exciting challenge but also a sober challenge because it comes with great responsibility. Responsibility to shape and mold our children into the image and likeness of God; to train them up so that they love the things of God and are Kingdom minded, not earthly minded—that’s a legacy right there!

It is bad when children disappoint their parents, but I personally think it’s 10 times worst when parents disappoint their children. Why? They are children. They look to adults for love, guidance and protection. They are blank canvases for us as parents, to write on. The bible refers to our children as arrows; (Ps. 127:4). Mothers and fathers get to shape, mold, retract, aim, and shoot those arrows by the way we influence their lives. Either negatively or positively. As a mother of three God-fearing adult children, I praise God that I got it right! (Not in my own strength but with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit-He taught me how to show love to my children!) I want to exalt, encourage and cheer you on if you got it right as well. If you haven’t gotten it quite right, it’s never too late. Help is only a prayer away. If you got it right but they still strayed, help is only a prayer away! God hears and answers prayer and He cares about your child's well-being! God is able to fix our mistakes. Be encouraged today mothers and know that the role you play is that of a Kingdom Builder.


Changing mindsets, Changing Lives

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