Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

As we all know the holidays are upon us, and usually, no matter how hard we try, it's during these times that our healthy eating plans unravels-falls apart, and we find ourselves starting over again, in the new year. To prevent this ugly discouragement, I want to encourage you with what the Lord said to me during my season of struggle: Don't let one day undo all of your hard work!

Remember the food is not the guest of honor! Don't look at what you are giving up but what you will be gaining by staying focused on your health and wellness journey!

If you need extra support, join me Wednesday, Nov. 21st at 4 p.m. for my Healthy Living Support Group Call if you need assistance in this area! contact me via website for call in number! The support call is every 3rd Wednesday!

If you need help navagating the holidays, you will want to be on this call!

Remember the reason for the seasons!

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