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Put on the New Nature: Throw Off, Part 3

Healthy Living Support Group

On April 18, 2018 I will be facilitating a Healthy Living With Annie Support Group via conference call. If you are interested please contact me via my contact page on and indicate that you want to be a part of the support group so I can send you the call in information. The support group will meet every 3rd Wednesday at 4 p.m. If you need support in this area, you are more than welcomed! Hope you can join us! Because it’s more than about food, we take a biblical approach to everything!

Healthy Living With Annie Redesign Your Image Plan

If you have had long standing destructive eating habits and can't seem to break the cycle and you want to learn how to develop the skills to move forward, I will personally work with you for 6 weeks. More details are in my April Newsletter.

You can also contact me for more details at or via my contact page on Just let me know that you are ready to begin the process! Once you purchase the Redesign your Image Plan I will be in contact with you to set up your sessions. I highly recommend purchasing More Than a Conqueror: Regaining your willpower over food as a supplement.

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