The Cover Up

Sometime ago I was listening to a video news article about a woman who lost 393 lbs. (took her quite a few years to accomplish this). You might have seen her on Good Morning America. How awesome! She said something that is key to overcoming sabotages to your nutritional lifestyle plans and that is losing weight is more than dealing with the physical aspect. She said she had to deal with the psychological (thinking) and emotional (feelings) aspects as well. How true! Our emotions are tied to food and we like the way it makes us feel. The way we think of food can be sabotaging and it can keep us from making a change to a healthier lifestyle. We also have the feel good center or pleasure center in our brain that wants you to keep repeating those habits over and over again because it brings the body pleasure. This can be true of any habits-the good, the bad and the ugly.

I always tell people to get God involved in their struggles. Sometimes overeating or destructive eating habits or any undesirable habit can be a cover-up or a symptom of some greater issue. This woman sought counseling. You also have the ultimate counselor. As a matter of fact, that's exactly one of His attributes, Mighty Counselor! I always tell folks to get God involved in their struggles! Don't keep Him on the outside! Give this area of your life to Him! Find scriptures on what you are going through and devour those scriptures morning, noon, and night. It’s called nourishing your inner man, your spirit man so that it becomes stronger than your desires or cravings. The word of God says walk in the spirit so you won’t fulfill the desires of the flesh (Gal. 5:16). The flesh can be a pretty stronger force and sometimes you need something a bit stronger than you to put you over. I kid you not! The word of God will hold you when you need to be held and they will push you forward when you get stuck! The lady also said something else that was key: She made a commitment to health and wellness. How true. How true. More on the power of commitment at a later date.


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