Christian Maturity and Our Eating Habits

Christian maturity is when Christ becomes the foundation or answer to every decision. It means making Christ the beginning and end of our faith. It’s when we’re at a crossroad and don’t know what to do that we ask the question: What would Jesus Do? That my friends is when you know you are growing up in Him!

When the Holy Spirit spoke these words to me years ago “Nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables,” at a time when my appetite was out of control and my food choices consisted of fried everything. Including processed food and fast food, the whole nine yards. God was in essence asking me to grow up. To become mature in my thinking and in my decisions, the choices that I made. He was asking me to make the counsel He gave me the beginning and end of all my decisions, including my food choices. It wasn’t about food because His kingdom is not about meat and drink but it is about love, joy, peace in the Holy Spirit (Romans 14:17). In my case it was about what ruled my heart, my affections and what drove the decisions that I was making. God has no problems with our eating habits because we are free to choose but the problem comes when we make food Lord over our lives and turn to it for comfort and it begin to produce disease in our bodies. If that’s you, first of all there is no guilt or condemnation in Christ (Romans 8:1) There is so much grace and love for you in Christ and I encourage you to reach up and receive it by faith and most of all forgive yourself. If He saved us while we were yet sinners, now that we are His, shall He withhold any good thing from us? Certainly not! (Romans 5:7-8 and Psalms 84:11).

I want to encourage you during this holiday season to begin again. Ask the Lord into your heart and ask for His forgiveness and His help so you can start again and begin to create those eating habits that produces life in your body and not bring sickness and disease. There is nothing like feeling well! There’s no price you can put on it! I highly recommend it! You can turn things around in your health or at least, improve some things! Come on! Sell out to the Kingdom in all areas of your life! Including this area. It matters to Him! You matters to Him!


Changing Mindsets, Changing Lives

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