Cast Iron Cookware and Anemia

I had an interesting conversation with an Uber Cab driver. We talked about a variety of topics from how to naturally remove warts to heavy menstrual cramping. She made a statement that got my attention. She talked about how her hemoglobin was always low and how painful her menstrual cycle used to be. While describing the pain to her doctor, she thought to herself, “The old people never had pain like this,” or as far as she knew. Her childhood memory kicked in and she thought, “They always used cast iron skillets.” One thing lead to another, and, to make a long story short, she pulled out the cast iron skillet she inherited and began to cook in it. In the course of a few weeks, she had amazing results! Her painful, monthly cramping disappeared! She found that cooking in cast iron also improved her iron levels. She had my attention. Right there in the back of the uber car, I googled cast iron and anemia (You are never too old to learn!) This is what I found:

  • First, oxygen is needed to burn fuel (sugar and fatty acids) in our cells to produce energy. Second, Iron is used to carry oxygen from the lungs into tissues throughout our body. Iron deficiency can cause fatigue, dizziness, weakness, pale color, headache and more. Causes of low iron can range from excessive bleeding, poor diet, inflammatory conditions and pregnancy.

  • Iron deficiency is very common and can be dangerous if left untreated. One of the easiest options for iron deficiency treatment is completely natural and requires no supplements or dietary changes: cooking with cast iron cookware.

  • Research published in the American Journal of Dietetic Association, 1986 revealed that food cooked in a cast iron skillet contained significantly more iron than when cooked in non- iron utensils. They believe that the acidity, moisture content, and cooking time played an important role in the iron absorption into the food.

  • It’s very important that you cook with the right cast iron, hence, don’t go out and buy the newer versions; what works best is that old cast iron that you inherited. Pull it out, dust if off and add it to your cookware rotation or peruse the next garage sale for a seasoned cast iron skillet!

I will never look at cast iron cookware the same again. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment about your experience!


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