Tips on Emotions as you Navigate your Healthy Lifestyle

Are your emotions sabotaging your lifestyle goals? Do you eat more or make unhealthy food choices when you are upset, sad, depressed, angry, or simply celebrating wonderful moments? Emotions are powerful. They can make or break your healthy eating habits. Emotions are described as strong feelings. They are complex and before you know it you are over indulging and choosing the wrong foods to eat. Here are a few tips to help you to deal with emotional eating.

  • When you control your emotions you can change your habits; when you change your habits you change your lifestyle.

  • Godliness means forsaking some emotions and embracing others.

  • Our emotions reflect what we value and cherish, admire and love and they also reflect what we dislike loath and reject.

  • If our emotions are askew our choices and destiny will surely follow suite. The word of God tells us to gird up our minds.

  • It is about putting off the old man and putting on the new man emotionally and spiritually speaking.

  • You have to make solid choices every day that moves you toward your goals.

  • Before you eat that piece of....ask yourself: Am I hungry or just want to eat?

  • Before you reach for that piece of....ask yourself: why am I experiencing this emotion and is food the best way to answer this emotion.

Hope these tips are helpful.


Changing mindsets, changing appetites, transforming eating habits

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