Simple Ways to Add More Veggies to your Plate

Eat them as a snack:

Zucchini slices & guacamole

Red pepper slices & hummus

Cucumber slices & peanut butter

Cauliflower & Greek yogurt dip

Keep them on hand:

Keep canned vegetables in your pantry, BPA free cans (always rinse before eating)

Keep frozen vegetables in freezer (choose products without sauces)

Add them to your favorite dishes

Eggs, sauteed vegetables & sharp cheddar cheese or my favorite which is low in salt, Swiss cheese = perfect omelet

Meatloaf & finely chopped vegetables

Tuna salad & thawed frozen spinach

Teriyaki chicken, shredded carrots & lettuce wraps

Mashed cauliflower vs. mashed potatoes

The possibilities are endless, use your imagination! Create wonderful ways to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your plate.


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