Tips on How Parents can Help Support Healthier School Lunches

Last week I wrote about the new standard the government is setting for new school lunches aimed at addressing childhood obesity. Here are a few tips the government suggest that parents can do to help support this endeavor:

· See the improvements to school lunches firsthand; have lunch with your child.

· Review the school menu or ask your child what is being served.

· Contact your district to find out how you can support them as they undergo their school lunch makeover.

  • Engage other parents to support the school nutrition program.

  • Offer to organize a taste test for new recipes and foods.

  • Join your school’s wellness policy or health committee (or start one).

  • Point your school food service program toward technical assistance and training opportunities (see‐practices or

  • Feed your child more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains at home so they are familiar with them at school.

· Congratulate your school on the hard work they’ve put in to improving the nutritional quality of school meals for our kids!

Where can you get more information?

· USDA B2S site




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