Heart Healthy Side Dishes for Labor Day

To maintain your weight loss, it’s important to adapt clean eating habits. Avoid recipes that call for heavy creams and sauces. Whereas these types of recipes taste good, they don’t support your weight loss goals or your weight loss maintenance. It’s important that your food habits support your goals, otherwise you will end up regaining the weight, then frustration and discouragement set in, and before you know what’s happening, you quit. There are ways to maintain your healthy lifestyle, even during the holidays but it comes with a pre-determined commitment to the process and planning.

Here are some recipes that I think will allow you to enjoy your old favorites and also will help you to make it through this Labor Day’s celebrations without unraveling your weight loss goals. A couple of weeks ago, I attended an event that provided a box lunch and one of the sides were potato salad. When I opened the box, to my amazement, the potatoes did not have heavy mayonnaise or no cream, for that matter. The type of dressing that was used was light, tasty and healthy. In my research, I think I found a recipe similar and want to share it with you, along with a couple of recipes for coleslaw. I think you and your family will like these.

Herb Roasted Potato Salad