Nutrition for College (part 1)

Research has shown that first time college students gain at least 15 pounds, and sometimes more during their freshmen year. Its call The Freshmen Fifteen. It’s a challenge to maintain healthy eating when you are stressed out over taking tests and studying around the clock; and then there’s the complexity of transitioning from high school life to college life. For the first time, your freshman is solo, on their own. Dad and especially Mom, are not around to monitor their eating habits.

In defense of your college bound freshman, who cares about counting calories when they just want to hang with their friends and enjoy their new found freedom, right? Your freshman is away from home for the first time, they can eat what they want and there’s no one around to monitor their eating habits. They no longer have access to mama’s good food and, of course, eating campus cafeteria food is a bit challenging, to say the least. So how can your freshman balance their campus life and eating healthy? Here are a few tips that you might want to pass along to your college bound kid-and you can use these tips for yourself: