Breaking Free

Here are a few tips to help you to break free from poor food choices and food addiction:

1. Identify the problem-You have to be willing to admit that your eating habits and lifestyle could be the cause of your weight gain or contributing to health issues that you may be experiencing.

2. Realize that the battle is not yours but the Lord. This is mostly directed at those who are dealing with food addiction. It seems that the flesh is stronger than the spirit so you give up. You stop fighting. Not only are you in a physical fight but you are in a spiritual battle as well. You get to choose which side wins BUT you are not along in your fight. Help is only a sincere, heartfelt cry away!

3. Submit to the authority of God's word and the leading and prompting of the Holy Spirit and allow the Holy Spirit to take over. Allow Him to love you through this great challenge.

4. Daily renew your mind with the Word of God. In your weakness He makes you strong.

5. Learn to embrace wisdom - Wisdom is simply the application of knowledge. You apply what you have learned about healthy eating. It’s a lifetime application; not I did it yesterday, last week or last year but it’s a daily thing if you want to break free, stay free and sustain a healthy lifestyle--it’s called creating new habits and sticking with them!

6. Make this a daily declaration: There are things in my old life that I can never go back to. Only you can identify and be truthful about what those things are.

God yearns jealously for the spirit within us because our affections to the things of this world interferes with our relationship with Him. That’s why the Lord spoke to me years ago about my eating habits and the things that held my affections. He was jealous for me and He’s jealous for you. James 4:1-10.


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