Hard Work Pays Off and Discipline Brings Success!

Ok, so what’s the story behind my landscape video? Glad you asked. I will always remember the summer one of my besties, who is an excellent landscaper-not by trade, but by sheer passion-came to help me beautify my yard. She is responsible for the beautiful landscaping you see in the video. She’s also the owner of Paint it Your Way. She is so creative and passionate about everything she does! I always joke with her that if her husband stood still long enough, she would decorate him. Check out her website: Paint it your Way.com, as well as her Facebook page, Paint it your way Faux Finishes. Her name is Valerie Martin. She is also a powerful woman of God and founder of Women of the Bible. Check her out on Facebook.

She’s since moved away from my area, and when she left I said, “Val, I don’t know what I’m going to miss the most, your wonderful, creative skills, or you as a friend-I’m conflicted!” I kid you not, she was that helpful for me with my yard, as well as inside my house, but I can’t tell you about the inside decorating she did as it would distract from the point I want to make.

Back to my point. I let her talk me into coming over to my house to do my landscaping, as it was lacking and wanting. She worked me for 3 weeks straight, from sun up to sun down and I’m not exaggerating. By the end of each day, I would be literally laying on the ground on my side, plucking weeds, digging out roots and planting. Planting around, through roots? No problem for her. You just keep on digging around and through those bad boys until you find some space. That’s what those 3 weeks with her entailed. Hard work and discipline!

Take a look at that video! My landscape looks great, even if I say so myself! Now, I get to enjoy the “fruit” of all my labor! Every spring, I just sit back and see the beauty unfold as my perennial plants open up and blossom into the beauties you see in the photo. The only work I do now? I leisurely remove some weeds during the early spring and summer morning breeze. Imagine, had I not taken on the challenge, I would not be enjoying this beautiful landscape that you now see. So glad she made me hang in there!

So, what is the moral of my story? Hang in there! Don’t give up on yourself as you carve out your wellness journey! Correct me if I’m wrong, but how many times do we quit because correcting bad eating habits and losing weight seems long and tedious, in terms of seeing results? How many times do we slip and fall back into our old ways just to start over again? What if we would only keep going and see what the end might be?

I just want to encourage you today, don’t give up on yourself. Go to my website and read my story for encouragement. Give yourself another chance because, from experience, I can tell you that disciplining the spirit man so that it becomes stronger than your body (flesh) is possible. Don’t give up. One day you will sit back and take a look at yourself and admire the new you! Get up every day committed to your goals. Consistency is key. Keep at it and refuse to quit. Those small changes that you make over a period of time and maintain, will help put you over. Never despise small beginning and don’t quit on your journey to success-it’s called a journey, and it is called success-Success is yours if you hang in there!


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