On the Road Again-Tips for Healthy Eating while on Vacation

My family and I are planning a road trip to our family reunion this summer to the fried food capital of the world, you guessed right, the South! I won’t name the city, but the family reunion will be in a place that we visited a few years ago, and we enjoyed it immensely with our family. We dined at one of the local favorites, and it’s a favorite for good reasons. The food was good. Unfortunately, everything on the menu was fried! I ordered the salmon thinking, well, this has to be safe. Wrong! It was fried! Who fries salmon?! This was the first time I ever ate fried salmon! It was good, but let me repeat myself, it was fried!

I am so looking forward to this family reunion but this time, I’m going prepared. I’m researching all the eateries before the trip and scouting out my options. If this doesn’t work out, I’m calling ahead to the hotel to check to see if they offer mini frigs. If so, sister girl will be taking some precooked meals. I can’t afford to spend my entire vacation weekend eating fried food! My waist line can’t handle that! That’s a sabotage to anyone’s diet plan. Here’s some things that I plan on doing to ensure that my healthy eating continues, even on vacation, and I hope they’ll be helpful to you.

To repeat an old phrase, where there’s a will, there’s a way! So here’s a game plan:

  1. Plan ahead. Scout out the local eateries before you take your trip so you can pre-plan where you can find healthy menus.

  2. Take your meals with you. Find a hotel that offers mini refrigerators. Usually they come with the room, and if not, you can order one for an additional fee. Usually the charge is not that bad.

  3. Make sure the hotel has an exercise room so you can keep your exercise regimen intact while you’re vacationing.

  4. For the road trip, take your healthy meals and snack foods with you. Especially if you’re traveling more than 4 hours. Nothing sabotages your nutritional goals more than eating fast food and even sit down restaurant food. He