Have you ever gone to the grocery store and purchased an item, and something goes off on the inside of you saying, “Too much, it cost too much”? You buy it anyway, because it’s needed, but your stomach is churning, “Too much!” Well, that’s how I feel about my favorite organic turkey breakfast sausage that I buy at my favorite store-which shall remain nameless, to protect the store that is not so innocent when it comes to price. I love the product-it tastes good, and its healthy-but I’m paying way too much for it, and in my household of three, it doesn’t last very long. That’s a problem for my budget!

Last Sunday morning before going to Church, I was preparing what I call my “gourmet” turkey burgers for some grilling that I planned to do afterwards. I had a small amount of meat left over. While contemplating how I was going to turn this small piece of meat into a viable burger, a light bulb went off! I simply rolled the left over “gourmet” turkey burger meat in my hand and shaped it into a sausage link! It worked, and I didn’t need sausage casing to hold it together! I’m onto something here! The sausage was simply delicious. It was juicy and had lots of flavor--and I made it myself! The taste test was a huge success! My daughter gave it two thumbs up, but I’m still working out a few details. If I have perfected it before my cookbook comes out, I will include it. I’m gathering a few herbs and spices that I think will turn this little baby into something authentic and savory! But for now, here is the beginning of my new creation. And yes, I am ever so encouraged, because the word of God tells us not to despise small beginnings.

Incidentally, the deadline for my cookbook has been extended to a future date. I’ll keep you posted. I can’t seem to end it, but I know at some point it will end, and I assure you that it will be worth the wait--especially for those of you who are desiring a new and better way to prepare your meals.

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