Words of Encouragement to Mothers

When the idea came to me to dedicate this blog to mothers, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to begin or what I wanted to say. Since this is a health & wellness blog, writing about the role mother’s play as it relates to the health & wellness for their families would have been appropriate, but I wanted to do something different with this blog.

As women, we wear so many hats: Wife, lover, mother, chauffeur, taxi driver, beautician, and homemaker-the list is endless! For some, we’re out in the market place contributing financially to the household income! What hats we don’t wear!

I will never forget when my children were small and I suppose my attitude was not right. I can’t remember the details but the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, “You are responsible for the environment of your home.” My attitude had an effect on everyone else in the home! That’s an awesome responsibility! I had to keep myself in check. I didn’t sweep issues under the rug or held things in, but I was cognizant how I handled situations. I had to be ever so careful concerning whose spirit I allowed into my home, into my relationship with my husband and children. Will Satan’s spirit rule my environment or will God’s spirit rule? God, of course! Which meant I had to handle situations His way!

As mothers, and as women, we carry great influence, yes, let’s talk nutrition for a moment. I single handily transformed the eating habits of my children, under great resistance I might add. No one cheered me on! It was a daunting but rewarding task. I had the influence and I used it for a greater good! The bible tells us that a wise woman builds up her home and the foolish woman tears it down (Proverbs 14:1). I just want to encourage you today, mothers, be wise women. Do whatever it takes to build up your home. Most of the time that requires spending a lot of time in prayer, in God’s presence hearing from Him. My prayer has always been: “God help me to me what they need me to be,” referring to my children. When they were young, I never wanted to be out of season where they were concerned. I always wanted to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit so I could know where they were spiritually and if they were going through anything that I needed to intercede about. Remember the movie War Room? That was me! Hollywood took my story! Except I wasn’t interceding for my marriage per se (I had a God fearing, faithful husband, thank you Jesus!), but I was interceding for my children! Now that they are older, my prayer is still: “Lord help me to be what they need me to be.” That’s a good prayer for any season.

Many of my battles while raising my kids were won on my knees! So mothers, if you are not already, please begin your fight on your knees and in God’s presence on behalf on your children. Don’t wait for something to happen; be proactive with prayer and preempt the devil’s strike on your household! Be it to transform eating habits or dealing with spiritual matters. Spend deliberate time in God’s presence. As a matter of fact, make an appointment with God on a daily basis. Choose a time that’s right for you and keep that appointment! For me, the future of my children depended on my keeping that appointment with God. I wish I had time to share in this blog the victories that came out of that appointment time with God!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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