4 Ways to Freeze Ginger Root

Are you tired of throwing away stuff? I am. I don’t always have a reason for using fresh ginger root but when I do, I always seem to purchase more than needed and the left overs always gets tossed in the garbage sooner or later. Last Sunday morning while putting on the preparations for my meals for the week, I pulled a batch of organic ginger roots from my vegetable bin. One thing I know about organic vegetables, because there’s life in them, they won’t stay alive for too long! Hence, I needed to do something with them as they had been in the refrigerator for some time now. A light bulb went off! Google to see if ginger root can be frozen, and yes, it can! I thought I would share this search with you advocate ginger root users!

You can freeze ginger root either whole, minced, julienne strips or cut in medallions sizes. Make sure it’s clean and skin is taken off. To remove the skin, simply use a knife or a teaspoon, and simply scrap off the skin. It’s that simple.

  1. If you freeze it whole, wrap it in wax paper and then aluminum foil and place in a freezer bag. If your whole piece is large, you might want to break it up. Remove the extra air from the bag. When needed for cooking, slice it after it has thawed a bit. Some research said that it’s easier to grate when frozen.

  2. You can also mince it by using a grater and then put it in clumps or balls; put the clumps or balls in a container and freeze or remove from the container after it is frozen and put them I a freezer bag.

  3. You can also cut ginger root in medallion sizes, wrap in wax paper, then foil paper and place in a freezer bag.

  4. Ginger root can also be cut into julienne strips, wrap as well and freeze.

Tip: Try to use it within 6 months.

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