Put your Spirit in Charge (Excerpt from Kenneth Hagin Ministry’s Word of Faith Magazine February//Ma

Tell your Body what to Do

The best way to get any part of your body under control is to find out what the Words says on the subject. Once you discover that, be a doer of the Word. Listen to what the Holy Spirit prompts you to do and make your body obey His leading.

Your body should not dictate to you what you will do. You should dictate to your body what it will do.

You are the only who can discipline your body and bring it under the control of your spirit. If you don’t, you will decrease your sensitivity to what the Holy Spirit is saying to your heart. Your entire Christian walk will be hindered if your body is not kept under the control of your spirit.

Action Plan: “Decide today to become spirit-ruled, not body-ruled. Speak by faith, “I bring my body under the control of my spirit.” Then put action to your words by daily presenting your body to God. You can lay aside those weights that are hindering you, because the Bible says y