Put your Spirit in Charge

I came across this wonderful article from Kenneth Hagin Minister entitled, Put your Spirit in Charge. This article talks about man being a tri part being (1 Thess. 5:23) and what it means to have our spirit dominating our choices and not our bodies. This is so true especially for those who are challenged in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So often we drift back to our old ways without realizing that we are drifting, and second, we are like "How did this happen?" "How did I get back into those old habits again?" And then we get mad at ourselves, or become discouraged because we allowed it to happen, again; and before you know it, you quit trying! Anyone been there, done that?

Often time, people have asked me for a nutrition plan, what to eat kind of food list, etc. And where these things are necessary in creating a healthy lifestyle, my observation is that yes, for the most part, a lot of people don't really know what healthy eating is because we haven't had to think about it. In time past, our food have, for the most part, come directly from the farm, to the store, and into our home. Now, we have to ask the question, "Is it really food?" because food today is manufactured in factories, processed, have fillers, additives, and God knows what else! So, yes, we typically have not had to question if we are eating food, but in spite of that, I have observed that many people are challenged as well in knowing how to keep the healthy lifestyle going.

Over the next few weeks, unless the Holy Spirit directs me otherwise, my plan is to offer excerpts from Kenneth Hagin article because I think it is really terrific information that is so critical in our understanding why we keep "slipping" back into our old habits as we attempt to carve out a healthy lifestyle. I tell people how important it is to build up your spirit man, your inner man if you are to achieve a sustained level of commitment on your wellness journey. If health have not been your focus for the past 20, 30, 40, 50 years of your life and you have been doing your own thing and now you are faced with a health challenge and you desire to overcome in this area, I invite you to tune in for the next few weeks and see the hope and strength that you have in Christ!

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