STOP! Don’t make another New Year’s Diet Resolution…..Instead deal with your weight loss strategica

What is your biggest challenge….to your new life? What stands in the way of your succeeding this year with your weight loss goals? Fear? Doubt? Unbelief? Discouragement? Afraid to try again? Finances that prevents you from buying better quality foods?

I want to encourage you not to quit on becoming the best you can be and that includes your weight loss goals. Here are a few tips from my EBook More Than a Conqueror: Regaining your willpower over food that might help you to overcome in your struggles:

  1. Realize that your fight is more than about food. It is about what holds your affections; what rules your heart. Because it’s a heart issue, this is an area where you definitely want to get the Holy Spirit involved.

  2. Agree with God. Agree with God that this is an area of your life that you need to deal with especially if the Holy Spirit has shown you that it is an area that prevents God from having all of you.

  3. Don’t try to go it alone anymore. Get God involved. Surrender this area of your life to Him and seek His help so that you can be strengthen in your inner man. Overcoming unhealthy eating habits is not an overnight success. It took you years to get into this mess, the place where you are at right now and it will take some time to carve out a new lifestyle. So be patient with yourself. Don’t quit! Don’t give up! Learn how to dig deep so you can win!

  4. Old habits are hard to break but they can be broken. Habits are formed when we repeatedly do the same thing over and over again. Forming new habits takes the same discipline. Most of the time we fail because we keep going back to the old habits. What can you do this year to create new habits? What are some of the old habits that you need to silence, to move away from? Even old thoughts about food that you need to cast down, to arrest.

  5. Track your money. Look at your spending habits. How much unnecessary eating out that you do? How much to you spend on fast food each week? What is your miscellaneous spending going towards? Look at ways that you can redirect some of this money so you can purchase foods that move you towards healthier living.

  6. Last but not least, make sure your actions are supporting your goals and vision. If weight loss and healthy lifestyle are what you are after, make sure your daily habits are directed towards this endeavor. What you focus on will develop. If you focus on fast food, large portions, over indulging, weight gain and poor health will develop. If you focus on the above items, weight loss and good health and/or improved health will develop.

I pray that this blog blesses you and strengthens you to move toward good health and avoid the habits that leads to chronic disease. You are indeed more than a conqueror through Christ who will strengthen you this year!

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