Good Fun, Good Food, Good People

Good fun! Good food! Good people! How in the world do you navigate the holiday season without sabotaging your nutritional lifestyle goals? This blog will help you to stay focused during this season of celebrations.

What are emotions? How to they arise in your spirit, soul, and body? How do you express them in a way that will enable you to maintain your nutritional lifestyle goals this holiday season? How do you become grounded in your emotions so that you arrive at the place where you are making choices instead of being led by your emotions?

Emotions are powerful. They are described as strong feelings. They are complex. For the most part, we are not conscious or aware of how emotions arise in us and like a reflex, we respond to them without even thinking about it. Before you know it, you are over indulging. I want to encourage you this week as you prepare to go in to the holiday season, to become more self-aware of what emotions you are dealing with (sadness, depression, anxiety, excitement, joy, etc.) and think about ways that you can identify those emotions and interrupt them before you act. Ask yourself, what emotion am I experiencing right now and is food the best way to answer it? Identifying those emotions and interrupting them before you act on them is important in maintaining balance in your emotions and will help you to be successful in maintaining your goals as you enjoy this season of celebration. It will require some work on your part but with the help of the Holy Spirit you can be successful.

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