4 Keys to Developing and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Get a vision for your life: How you want to look, how you want to dress. See yourself looking that way. Never underestimate the power of vision. It will drive your choices. It is important to read your vision out loud every day until it becomes a part of who you are.

  2. Celebrate small successes - You did it! You accomplished it! Own it! It’s very ok to feel good about your small successes. It might be minor to others, but can be a major accomplishment to you. Celebrating small successes will keep you motivated and excited about moving forward.

  3. Don’t allow Discouragement to come in if you mess up. Discouragement opens the door to guilt and condemnation and you can’t move forward being condemned. Forgive yourself, mean it and move on. If your nutritional journey is something that God has been dealing with you about, talk to Him about your struggles and allow Him to help you make it through. You are never alone.

  4. Try not to look at your nutritional journey as having to give up something. But rather look at it as making better food choices.

If you find yourself out of focus and need help, my recent book, Journey to Success: Strategies to getting free from destructive eating habits will teach you how to get back up and get refocused. It will help you to recommit to achieving your dreams and goals of a healthier you. Journey to Success can be purchased on www.amazon.com or click on the link at www.nutritionwithannie.com under Resources.

If you are blessed by this blog write me and tell me about it and share it with your family and friends. Merry Christmas from Nutrition with Annie to you!

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