What You Don't Know Can Hurt you

I kept a promise on yesterday of doing an in home kitchen makeover for a husband and wife. They both work and lead busy lives and very active in the church which left little time for cooked meals from scratch. Most of their meal items and grab and go snacks were prepacked or boxed items and can goods with some frozen vegetables that had either cheese or sauce.

I have to say though, that I was pleasantly surprised to see that they did have a good foundation in terms of healthy eating options. They had made the right food choices but a few things were lacking and I was able to help them sort that out. Here are a few tips that I passed on to them and I will share with you:

  1. Always read the food label. If it sounds like a chemistry class, it’s typically not considered food and if you can’t pronounce or recognize the words, your body probably won’t recognize the ingredients as food and will have a hard time processing it. To avoid this, go organic as much as possible. The goal is to eat clean.

  2. If you can’t go fresh, use the second best option, go frozen. Fresh and frozen are so much healthier than can goods or prepackaged goods. Can and prepackaged items typically are high in 4 areas that’s usually a hindrance to any healthy diet plan: Fat, salt, carbohydrates and sugar.

  3. If you use can goods, buy reduced sodium, drain and rinse before using and buy can goods that are BPA free-BPA is a chemical that is used to line the cans but has been known to have health effects.

  4. Avoid prepackaged items that has the ingredient hydrogenated oils, partial or full. Hydrogenated oils are known to cause heart disease. Hydrogenated oils are the byproduct of having hydrogen put to liquid oil at a very high temperature to make it solid in order to extend the shelf life. No amount of hydrogen oil is safe although the FDA says it is safe if 0.5mg or less. If everything you eat has about 0.5mg that adds up. I would say, be safe and avoid foods with hydrogenated oils.

  5. Buy grain that is 100% whole wheat or 100% whole grain otherwise you might be getting a counterfeit grain.

  6. Be aware of yogurts that say they are healthy but are loaded with sugar. Choose your yogurts carefully and avoid options with fruit added which means more added sugar. Try to buy Greek yogurts that are low in sugar, and if there is fruit, buy the kind that has a fruit section as a side attachment. That way, you can control the amount of sugar, I mean fruit that you add. I meant to give a dig there because most of the time the “fruit” is mostly sugar so be aware.

  7. Be aware of the hidden salt in eating out—restaurants typically don’t cook with health in mind so I recommend looking up the nutrition list before going to the restaurant. You will find that most foods are very high in calories from fat, salt, sugar and carbohydrates and most soups are typically loaded with salt.

  8. If you like your frozen vegetable with cheese or sauce, choose the version that is lower in salt. Sauces sometimes have less salt than cheese. Of course the better version is to eat clean without cheese or sauce.

  9. Some of your weight gain can be attributed to the amount of salt you take in-hence water retention.

If this blog has been a blessing to your write me and tell me about it and share it with friends. Have a safe and healthy holiday season and remember that Jesus is the reason for the season.

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