Leaving a Legacy of Good Health

I was just reading an article on our heritage of faith written by Jerry Savelle of Jerry Savelle Ministry, Crowley, Texas. He was talking about God being a God of generations and he quoted from the old testament where God said, “I am the God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob,” and he pointed out that “He believed that the reason for God referencing generations is this: Once a lifestyle is adopted by at least three consecutive generations of people, there is a strong possibility that lifestyle also will be perpetuated.”

As I read this, something quicken in my spirit and I immediately thought about the many generations that have passed down and perpetuated sickness and disease in our community: High blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes, cancers. Unfortunately the list goes on. Then I immediately thought, “What if we as parents changed our eating habits and influenced our children to carry on a legacy of good health?” Can you get a vision of that for your family? Do you think it’s even possible? Imagine leaving a legacy of good health, good eating habits. Wouldn’t it be wonderful that your next generations knew nothing of fast food? We are encouraged to dream big. Believe God for better finances, better homes, cars, etc., but does our dreaming includes a commitment to a lifestyle change that would result in the next generation not only being saved and wealthy, but a generation that embraces health and healing as our Savior designed it to be? Just food for thought.

I can say, although my children are not perfect in their eating habits, I can rest assure that my grandchildren will never know fast food places because when I changed my eating habits, I was changing it for the next generation. My desire was and is, is to eradicate heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer from the generations that follows. It only takes one to make a difference. Look at Abraham. Look at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Yes dream big but let your dreaming include leaving a legacy of good health. After all, what is wealth without health?

If this article blesses you and stirs you to act, write me and tell me about it. If this articles blesses you but you don’t act, I would love to hear from you as well. Caring is sharing so please share this article with those you love and frequently pray about.

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