Don't Let One Day Sabotage All of Your Hard Work aka When Holding on Hurts

Several years ago when I first started my lifestyle change journey, I was where probably most of you are right now, struggling to maintain your weight loss goals and lifestyle changes during the holiday season. To be honest, it was fun giving up my goals for this wonderful season and I didn't mind the 5-10 pound weight gain. I enjoyed giving in to my passions. I had justified and reasoned it out in my mind that the season was worth it. Let's face it, all kinds of wonderful emotions are attached to this season of the year, your favorite childhood memories are attached to this season. The holiday season evokes a response of warmth, love and caring and of course, the good food goes along with that. Can't have the season without embracing the food! God gave me a revelation, "Your health is more important than the food and the memories! It took me a few seasons before I could successfully divorce myself from this sabotaging mindset, but with the help of the Holy Spirit and God's word, I was able to conquer all. Don't get me wrong, I'm still wrapped up in this human flesh and God only knows the many times He has had to remind me, "Don't go there." But what's interesting now, is that I quickly listen and obediently adjust my course of action. Never estimate the power of God’s love for you. He can help you too! He’s no respecter of persons (although I think I’m His favorite!) He's committed to your progress. He has a vested interested in your success, in your health and healing. When you look good He looks good ("He's not glorified until you are glorified.")

No you don't have to give up your holiday fun and holiday food but what you should consider giving up is the idea that the season is deserving of your hard health and your hard earned weight loss and subsequently lifestyle changes. I will tell you what the Holy Spirit told me back in the day, “Don’t let one day or for that matter, one season, sabotage all of your hard work.”

Join me on November 10 & 17 for a 1:15 emotional eating seminar. Don’t’ leave the holiday season 10-20 lbs. overweight only to have to do the weight loss all over again in the New Year. That brings discouragement and discouragement is breeding ground for setback and sabotage. Learn how you can be more focused during this season of the year.

If this blog blesses you write me and tell me about it and be a good friend, share it with someone who you know can benefit from it.

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