Living by the Spirit's Power

Living by the Spirit’s Power

What does it mean to live by the Spirit’s Power? Why is it necessary to live by the Spirit’s power when it comes to your eating habits? This is the subject that I felt lead to talk on at the Health & Wellness Retreat hosted on October 3rd. Somethings are just too hard for us to do alone and we need God’s power to overcome in some areas where strongholds have been built up. In addition, pathways are created in the brain every time you perform a habit and the more you practice those habits, the stronger and deeper those pathways becomes and thus hard to break and you subsequently, get pulled back to your old ways. If you find yourself in this cycle of living, then you need the strength and power of the Holy Spirit to break the spiritual and physical ties that food have on your affections coupled with the practicable things that you have do because the word of God tells us “To strip off.” There are things that we must do as well. God will not come down and strip off, He commands us to do so. I’m just keeping it real because I know that this is an area of struggle for most people and it’s an area that we keep God out of! One guest who attended the Retreat said she often says, “God is busy, I won’t bother Him with my eating habits. I’ll only pray for the most serious matters.” Nooo, God wants to be bothered with this areas of your life!

Here are a few bible verses that will help you as you live by the power of God’s spirit:

  • When we have Christ we have everything we need for salvation and for right living. Galatians 2:9

  • Christ is the unique source of knowledge and power for the Christian life. The full power and presence of God have taken up residency in your heart and mind making you a new person equipped for life and satisfied to live for God. Galatians 2:10

  • You are no longer slaves to your old sinful nature but now you are free to live for Christ-you are no longer slaves to your appetite.

Living by the Spirit’s power means that you surrender to God and ask for His help so that you are able to strip off every weight and sin that so easily besets you (Hebrews 12:1) and if breaking the cycle of over eating and poor food choices are some of those weights and sins that you have to strip off, surrendering this area of your life to God and being willing to accept His help and interference in this area of your life is actually strength being cultivated. (Hebrews 12:1)

There is more of a discussion on this topic with the Emotional Eating and the Holidays: Avoiding the triggers that leads to emotional eating seminar. I will go more into details with this online seminar in November so stay tuned for dates and times.

As always, if this blog blesses you, write and tell me about it and share it with family and friends.

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