Submit to the Process. Surrender to His Will. Don't Quit.

Nutrtion with Annie hosted its first Health & Wellness Retreat: Withholding Nothing. The Retreat was a great success. Not because of me or the terrific speakers, but because of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. He was the guest of honor and we reverenced and basted in His presence. How awesome is our God! Submit to the Process. Surrender to His Will. Don't quit became the voice of the guests as we were encouraged by one of our speakers. Those who attended found new courage, support and strength to submit to the process of creating a healthy lifestyle.

The people who came were truly hungry-not for food but for revelation knowledge and for a move of God in their lives. They wanted something different and they invested their money, their time, and sacrificed their Saturday to seek the transformation they needed. God honored their sacrifice by His presence! All that day I was simply speechless and had a praise in my belly that wouldn’t be quieted! It was not about Nutrition with Annie, it was not about the speakers. It was about God and God’s people helping them to achieve health and healing. The comments I received is that everyone left empowered, equipped and they came expecting and were not disappointed! To God be the glory!

The gift giveaways were wonderful received as people were blessed with wonderful kitchen cookware and tools that made creating a healthy lifestyle fun and easy as well as copies of my book Journey to Success: Strageties to getting free from destructive eating habits AND copies of Author Felicia Emanuel's The Waiting Room I think everyone went home with something!