As I was thinking about what my next blogging would be, I was reminded about last week’s blog and I felt that God was saying to me, you are not done with it yet. I sensed that He wanted to bring some clarity to “God never gives up on us.” God’s promises are unconditional but they demand something of us: Our active participation as we surrender to Him. I am reminded of something I read in Joyce Meyer’s Daily Devotion where she was talking about growing up spiritually. She said being undisciplined in an area means that you are not mature in that area. The word of God tells us to put away the elementary things and grab hold of the deeper things of God. In other words, you understand salvation, now move on from there and build on it.

There was a point in my life when I was struggling with my nutritional lifestyle changes and I had every excuse in the book as to why I couldn’t leave the past behind. But I sensed in my spirit that God was telling me that I needed to grow up in my emotions and not allow them to keep me on a destructive road with my eating habits. He was like you have the Host of heaven at your side, you have my word to strengthen you, you have the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit, don’t tell me you can’t overcome! I wanted to be daddy’s little girl forever but God was like, “I need you to grow up” but he said it with much love, kindness and patience. He waited for me. He’s waiting on you…to respond to Him. If no more than to say, “Daddy I can’t do this alone. If you don’t help me to do it, it will never happen.” That’s the kind honesty that will get God involved in your struggle. Then accept His help, especially when you don’t want it.

If you find yourself in the place where you know God is leading you to grow up spiritually in your emotions, I encourage you to accept the challenge and pray for HIS strength. He is not asking you to do something that is impossible to accomplish. It is hard when the flesh wants to rule and your emotions always seems to win out but you are more than a conqueror! Oh how much more of a conqueror you are! He who is in you is greater. He puts you over and causes you to win!

If this blog blesses you write me and tell me about it and share it with your friends.

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