I received an email a few days ago from someone who shared with me in the past that she was dealing with over indulgence on food. The struggle then for her was real and she shared with me in the email that it still is but that she is fighting the good fight of faith. She shared that she knows that she needs to totally give this up to God and that she needs deliverance in this area. She thanked me for not giving up on her because I deliberately included in her my email shoutouts about my blog so she could stay connected, strengthened and encouraged. I knew she was struggling and didn’t need to be isolated in her struggle.

In the past, I tried desperately to get her to come to some of my events and encouraged her to take advantage of some of the information on my website but she kept eluding me. She wanted to come near but she wasn’t ready to fight so she stayed away and that was ok. I know the fight too well to know that that’s a common reaction for someone not wanting to give up their old ways. I’ve been there and done that. I know what it looks like and I know how it plays out. I know the highs and I know the lows. I am well acquainted with the traps, the tricks, the sabotages and the pitfalls. It takes time and it takes patience and much prayer. It requires a willingness to surrender your appetite to God so He can get involved in your struggle. The bible says it is with faith and patience that we win the race, and not only that, the bible also says, that the race is not given to the swift or mighty but to him who endures to the end. She should be encouraged because she is still running her race. She hasn’t given up and neither shall you! I want to thank her for being transparent because in doing so, she is helping others to not be ashamed that you are dealing with something that seems to be stronger than you.

My response to her was that God never gives up on us and we shouldn’t give up on ourselves. If you are in this situation and have been for a long time, don’t give up on yourself! God never gives up on us and loves us deeply! Look at the cross. I was listening to this song and some of the lyrics to the song goes like this, “When His love ran red.” The cross speaks of His love for us. Don’t give up on yourself because God never gives up on us. Help is only a sincere, heartfelt prayer away.

If this blesses you write me and tell me about it and share it with others that you know desperately need to be encouraged.

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