What’s Your Food Fight?

Consider yourselves dead to sin. It is hard to respond to something that you are dead to. The word of God tells us to consider ourselves dead to sin and not to obey the lust of it (Romans 6:11-12). For those of us who are struggling to overcome destructive eating habits and find it difficult to move forward because the old habits are so strong and they keep pulling you back to your old ways, one sure fire way to pull ahead is to mediate on this scripture. Whenever that old habit wants to rear its old ugly head up in your life and take you off course, just meditate on that scripture and speak it out of your mouth. It is powerful and it will create a winning reality for you.

You are dead to whatever is trying to entice you. Say to yourself, “I can no longer respond to this habit.” You are a winner and you do have weapons of your warfare which are not carnal but mighty in Christ to the pulling down of strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:4).

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