A Different Path

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Quick and easy recipe for beef or chicken broth

(Say freezer ready)

  • Save the chicken or beef broth from your baked chicken or pot roast. When I know that I will be needing broth in the near future, I add a little extra seasoned water to my baked chicken or pot roast (season usually consists of whatever herbs and spices I have seasoned my meat with). Cook your beef or chicken as you normally would. When done, drain of the excess broth into a bowl. Set aside and let cool.

  • Once the broth has cooled, pour it through a strainer to remove vegetable or meat particles. Refrigerate overnight and the fat will form at the top. Skim off fat and discard. Place broth in a container and freeze until needed.

Tip: If your baked meats yield a small concentrated amount of broth, save it because it can be used to add a punch of flavor to a dish that needs a little extra something. For example, if you are sautéing or steaming frozen or fresh vegetables and you want to add a burst of flavor to them, you can use the small, concentrated amount of broth to bring life to your beans. Be creative now that you are walking down a new path. Meals don’t have to be boring. God want us well but He also want us happy and enjoying life.

If I don’t deliberately take the time to make chicken broth by using chicken backs, I usually let my broth accumulate and when I have enough I make chili, dry beans, peas or greens. This is an excellent way to flavor your greens (mustard or collards) without cooking them the traditional, unhealthy way (bacon or ham hocks). Smoked turkey is not really a healthy alternative. When you use smoke turkey to flavor your dishes, there is always the danger of the high salt content. If you are dealing with high blood pressure and other heart or kidney disease, you don’t need to have that added salt in your diet. Cured or smoked meats have an extremely high salt content. Not to mention the nitrates that is used as a preservative in processed and cured food. Nitrates turn into a potent cancer causing chemical called nitrosamines when heated up. Live. Love. Laugh. You have chosen the right path.

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