You want to stay on the right track this summer with your nutritional lifestyle changes? One sure fire way to stay on track is to make your own and be open minded when it comes to substitutions. Making your own is so much better: You get to decide what goes into your recipes and you get to control how much! “Spice up your meals with naturally fermented relishes and condiments instead of sugary sauce substitutes. Making your own and creating healthier recipes can spare you the misery of, or help you recover from a debilitating disease or health crisis such as arthritis, cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart attack and stroke” (Rubin Jordan, The Maker’s Diet, pg. 40). You can find natural made products that are low in salt at your local whole food market. You can make your own barbeque sauce from natural ingredients instead of buying the commercial brand that’s loaded with fructose corn syrup and other unhealthy additives. If you need some direction in that area, I have provided some links that I found in my search for soy sauce substitutes that I think might work. They are simple, and for the most part, you probably have these ingredients in your pantry already and most of all, they are much lower in salt than soy sauce. Try them out when you make your next stir fry and let me know what you think?

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