In His Image: You are Unique

In my reading I came across this and I thought it might bless you

  • In the midst of this overwhelming universe God made us in a way that sets us apart from everything else He created.

  • The real trouble with the world today is that man does not know who he is and what he is; he does not realize his own greatness. You might not feel important but you are. Others may not treat you as though you are not important and that they are better than you, but you are important. You are a royal priest and a chosen generation. Your family member, your boss your co-workers might not take notice of you but God does. He knows your name!

  • Human beings are not a product of chance. We are specially created. God knows you! He knows your name! With the Psalmist we can declare, "I am fearfully and wonderfully made." (Psalm 139). This is what sets us apart. God created us and proclaimed us "very good"

As you are creating a healthier pathway for you and your family, keep these truths in mind and let them motivate you to move you to your place of victory.

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